How to Buy Electricity with Nedbank

Do you wish to learn how to buy electricity with Nedbank in South Africa? Like all the other banks in the country, Nedbank has wholly embraced cellphone and online banking. If you are a customer, the good news is that you can buy electricity tokens from your phone. That’s possible using the Nedbank app and through the bank’s USSD code. You no longer need to go to your nearest outlet selling electricity tokens.

How to buy electricity using the Nedbank app

The following is how to buy electricity using the Nedbank app;

  1. Log into the Nedbank Money app.
  2. Click on Buy.
  3. Next, click on Buy electricity.
  4. Enter your meter number and click on Next.
  5. Check that the details that you have provided are correct then click on Buy.
  6. Your voucher will appear.
  7. You can choose to send it via SMS or through email.
  8. When done click on Finish.

How to Buy electricity using the Nedbank USSD

You can also buy prepaid electricity without the app. That’s possible via USSD. The following is how to buy Nedbank electricity using USSD;

  1. Dial *120*001# on the phone that’s registered for Nedbank cellphone banking.
  2. Login using your credentials.
  3. Choose Electricity.
  4. Accept the Terms and Conditions.
  5. Go to Buy electricity.
  6. Pick a payment account.
  7. Enter your meter number.
  8. Type in the amount to be bought.
  9. Confirm the transaction.
  10. You will now get your voucher via SMS.

Which option is the best?

That’s how to buy prepaid electricity with Nedbank. You can do it via USSD or via the Nedbank app. But which option is more convenient? We are not going to make any prescriptions here. What we can say is that you should use the option that best suits your lifestyle.

If you use the Nedbank app regularly, then you should go for that option. Alternatively, you can use the USSD option. It’s actually the best option because it works even without data. All that you need is to be registered for Nedbank cellphone banking.

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In this article, we highlighted how to buy electricity with Nedbank in South Africa. It was noted that electricity can be bought from you phone, eliminating the need to visit a nearby shop to buy a voucher.

There are two options for those looking to purchase tokens. You can buy one using the USSD option. That works on all phones, even those that do not have internet. Alternatively, you can use the Nedbank app to buy your voucher.

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