How to Buy Data on a Standard Bank SIM Card

Do you wish to learn how to buy data on your Standard Bank SIM card? Standard Bank is one of the few banks in South Africa offering mobile communication services. We have previously written on how to activate a Standard Bank SIM. Once you have your SIM up and running, one of the things that you will likely want to do is to buy data. There are several ways of doing this. We will highlight them to you in this article.

Steps to buy Standard Bank Data

The following is how to buy data on a Standard Bank SIM card;

  1. You can buy data using the Standard Bank app. Log in to get started. If you have not already registered, do so. Once you have logged in, go to Buy, and then choose Data. Choose a data bundle. Next, choose the account with which you wish to buy data. Now enter the number that you wish to top up. Review your choice and confirm the purchase. You will get and OTP that you need to enter to complete the purchase. Do so and you will receive a Payment Successful message.
  2. It’s also possible to buy data bundles on the Standard Bank mobile website. Log into your online banking account and go to Prepaid. Next, choose a provider from the list. In this case you will be choosing Vodacom since Standard Bank Mobile uses the Vodacom network. Choose Data bundles as the Voucher type. Choose the Amount that you wish to buy. Enter your Cellphone number. Confirm that the information that you have entered is correct. You will now get an OTP. Enter it and you will get a success message.
  3. It’s also possible to buy Standard Bank data using the mobile banking USSD Cellphone Banking on *120*2345# .
  4. Another option is for you to buy data at a Standard Bank ATM.


In this article, we showed you how to buy data on a Standard Bank Mobile SIM card. It was noted that Standard Bank offers a wide range of options for people looking to buy data. Most people prefer the Cellphone banking USSD option. That’s because you can buy data even when using a cellphone that does not have internet.

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