How to Approve Debicheck on Capitec App

Do you wish to learn how to approve Debicheck on the Capitec app? We will explain the process in this article. Debicheck is one of the security measures that is being used by South African banks to reduce the scourge of fake debit orders that has been prevailing across the country in the past few years. With Debicheck, you need to approve each debit order before it is launched on your account.

How to approved debicheck mandate on Capitec

The following is how to approve Debicheck on the Capitec app;

  1. A message will be send to your phone telling you that you have a Debit order that you need to approve.
  2. Log into the Capitec app on your phone.
  3. You will immediately get a message telling you that you have a Debicheck awaiting approval.
  4. Choose to either accept of decline the mandate.
  5. If you approve, you will need to choose the mandate that you wish to approve.
  6. Select Approve.
  7. Enter your remote PIN and select approve.
  8. You will get notification that the debicheck mandate has been approved.

How else can you approve debit orders on Capitec?

That’s how to approve Debicheck on the Capitec app. This is the easiest way through which to approve debit orders. But what if you don’t have the app?

When a debit order is initiated, you get an SMS message telling you that you need to approve it. What you can do is to visit a nearby Capitec branch and you can approve the mandate there. You will approve using your fingerprint.

Another option is to call 0860 10 2043 to approve your debit orders. You will speak to an agent to whom you will approve or decline any debit orders.

It’s also possible to approve debit orders via USSD Cellphone banking. Dial *120*3279# and go to option 8. Follow the next steps to approve the mandate. You will be asked to enter your mobile banking PIN as part of the process.

How does Debicheck work?

Each day we get messages from South Africans complaining about unapproved debit orders. This is where debicheck comes in. All South African banks offer this.

How it works is essentially that every debit order needs to be approved first before it can get into effect. When a company approaches your bank seeking a mandate, the bank first consults you for approval.

Once you have approved, the debit order will then be initiated. It does not mean approval will be sought every month. Approval is only sought at the start and whenever there are changes to the mandate, such as when the money that is deducted is increased.


In this article, we showed you how to approve Debicheck on Capitec. It was noted that you can approve mandates in a variety of ways, including using the Capitec app. We also noted that debicehcks are a good way through which to reduce fraud that comes from unapproved debit orders. It’s something that South Africans have had to grapple with over many years.

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