How to Apply for an Overdraft at Capitec

Do you wish to find out how to apply for an overdraft at Capitec bank in South Africa? Capitec is one of the fastest growing banks in the country. In fact, they are the biggest bank in terms of number of customers. Capitec has an overdraft facility that is referred to Access Facility. With this, you get access to up to R500 000, which you can use at your discretion. This facility is flexible, with customers only being required to pay for what they have used. So, how do you get access to Capitec’s overdraft facility?

Steps to get an overdraft at Capitec

The following is how to apply for an overdraft at Capitec;

  1. You can apply for Capitec’s Access Facility online.
  2. Another option is for you to make your application via the Capitec app.
  3. Alternatively, call 0860 66 77 89 to lodge your application.
  4. Capitec customers can also apply for the overdraft facility by dialing *1200*3279#.
  5. It’s also possible to apply for an overdraft at your nearest Capitec Bank branch.

How does this work?

Capitec’s Access Facility is an overdraft facility. This is a revolving facility. It gives you access to half a million in potential credit. Once you have made your application, you get access to this money whenever you need it.

Should you borrow any of this money, you will be required to pay that amount within 2 months. You get to choose the repayment amount and a repayment period that’s most suitable for you. Should your financial situation change, you can change these repayment terms.

The great thing about this facility is that you are required to only pay for the amount that you have borrowed. If you don’t borrow anything, then you won’t need to pay anything.


In this article we showed you how to apply for an overdraft at Capitec. We noted that one of the overdraft credit facilities offered by the bank is the Access Facility.

With this, you get access to up to R500000 in credit. This is money that you can use as when the need arises. You get to set the repayment terms. These terms can also be tweaked to suit your financial situation.

Here is the Capitec call centre number

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