How to Add a Beneficiary on the FNB App

Do you wish to find out how to add a beneficiary on the FNB app in South Africa? FNB is one of the most popular banks in the country. Like all the other banks in South Africa, the bank offers banking on the go. You are here because you wish to find out how you can add beneficiary to the FNB app. Adding a beneficiary makes it simpler for you to make future payments. If you have people who you pay on a regular basis, then you can keep them as beneficiaries within your account so you won’t have to add them each that you wish to transact with them.

What is a beneficiary?

When it comes to banking, a beneficiary is also referred to as a recipient. It’s the entity to whom you wish to send money. These could be individuals or companies such as Multichoice and others.

Steps to add a beneficiary on FNB

The following is how to add a beneficiary on the FNB mobile app in South Africa;

  1. Open the FNB app.
  2. Click on Payments.
  3. Next, select Pay recipient.
  4. Now you need to click on Add recipient.
  5. Add the recipient’s details.
  6. When done click on Finish.

Adding an FNB beneficiary on internet banking

You can also add a beneficiary to your FNB account using the bank’s internet banking portal. The following is how to do it;

  1. Log into your account on the FNB website.
  2. Click on Pay.
  3. Click on Add recipient.
  4. Choose your payment account. That’s the account from which you will be making your payments to the recipient.
  5. Choose the type of recipient that you wish to add. You have the option to add An Account and a Public Recipient.
  6. Fill in the recipient’s details.
  7. Click on the Add Recipient button.
  8. Review and confirm your information.
  9. Enter your OTP.
  10. Click on Finish.
  11. You can now pay your recipient.

Why add a beneficiary on the FNB app?

That’s how to add a beneficiary on the FNB app. The process will only take you a few minutes. But why would you wish to do this? It’s something that we have already discussed. Your recipients are the people to whom you wish to make payments.

So, you need to add someone who you wish to pay as a recipient. The advantage of doing so is that you don’t have to add that person again the next time that you wish to make your payment. So, this is great for those who wish to make recurring payments to individuals and companies.


In this article, we showed you how to add a beneficiary on the FNB app. We also showed you how to add a beneficiary on FNB internet banking. It was noted that you do this to ease your payments. Once you have added a recipient, you can then easily make payments to them.

Here is the 24 hour FNB call centre number

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