How Much Interest Does Cash Crusaders Charge?

How much interest does Cash Crusaders charge? It’s something that you will ask yourself while looking to get a loan from the company. Cash Crusaders’ loans are property based. It means you need to give them one of your valuables as surety for the loan. They will keep the item till you have repaid the money. In the event that you have failed to make your loan repayment within the stipulated time, they will sell your item and you will walk away without any debt.

Cash Crusaders Interest Rates

Cash Crusaders interest rates depend on the amount of money that you will have borrowed. The table below shows the interest rates for Cash Crusaders for different loan amounts;

Loan amountTerm (days)Interest
R100030 R50

How do Cash Crusader loans work?

That’s the answer to the question “how much interest does cash crusaders charge?” We noted in this article that Cash Crusaders gives loans to people who are willing to put their property as surety. You will get a loan based on the value of the item that you are putting up.

If, as an example, you have a refridgerator that is valued at R500, you will ge a loan of that amount. You will not get anything extra. So, your loan depends on what you are willing to put up as surety. We have already noted that in the event that you are unable to repay, Cash Crusaders will simply sell your asset without bothering you.

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In this article, we gave you the answer to the question how much interest does Cash Crusaders charge. It was noted that this company only gives loans to people who are looking to put some goods as surety. The amount of interest that you are charged depends on the amount of money that you have gotten as a loan.

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