How Long Does NSFAS Appeal Take?

How long does a NSFAS appeal take? The National Student Financial Aid Scheme is a South African government initiative that is designed to help tertiary students by providing them with money so they can meet their day to day costs as they study. It’s available for students at Universities and at TVET colleges.

Each year, hundreds of thousands of people apply for NSFAS grant. Most get approved. You are here because yours was one of the thousands that do get denied. When that happened, you lodged an appeal, and you are now wondering when NSFAS is going to respond.

How long does NSFAS take to respond to appeals?

It can take up to 30 days for NSFAS to respond to your appeal. This time may be even more if there are too many appeals being lodged at the same time by other students across the country.

Why does NSFAS reject some applications?

That’s is the answer to the question how long does a NSFAS appeal take. It was noted in this article that it can take up to a month. But why does NSFAS reject applications in the first place? There are a number of reasons for this;

  • Perhaps your household income falls above the R300 000 per annum that is mandated as the maximum. In that case, the assumption will be that you will be able to pay your own way through univerisity and college.
  • You may have been denied funding due to missing documents. In that case, you will need to submit the required supporting documents with your appeal.
  • Some applications for funding are denied due to the provision of false information. If you think that your information was correct and misread, you will be free to launch an appeal.

Can my appeal be rejected?

The sad news is that some NSFAS appeals do get rejected. Perhaps you have still not provided all the required information. Or maybe you don’t qualify to receive a grant.

We have already given some of the reasons why that could be the case. When you launch your appeal, make sure that you have removed all the reasons for the initial rejection.

In the event that your appeal has been successful, you will receive a message to that effect. This can be in the form of an SMS, so you will need to ensure that you have your phone with you.


In this post, we focused on the question, how long does the NSFAS appeal process take? It was noted that a number of students see their initial applications being rejected in the first instances for a number of reasons. It’s usually because they do not satisfy NSFAS’ requirements.

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