How Long does Ezaga Transfer to Capitec Take?

How long does an Ezaga transfer to Capitec take? Ezaga is there to make it easy for students to receive their NSFAS payouts. A lot of students move money from their Ezaga accounts to their bank accounts. Perhaps you are looking to make a payment. Or maybe you have a Capitec account into which you wish to have the money sent. How long does the transfer take?

Ezaga to Capitec transfer time

It takes between 24 and 48 hours for money that is send to Capitec from Ezaga via EFT to arrive at its destination. If you make your transfer on Sunday, the transfer will take longer. It will only be processed on Monday, for possible arrival on Tuesday. You need to keep this in mind when making the transfer.

What are the cutoff times?

That’s the answer to the question, how long does an Ezaga transfer to Capitec take? You need to be patient when making your transfer. You also need to be aware of the cutoff times. Otherwise you could end up in trouble with those that you are paying.

As an example, if you are paying your landlord, you need to do it earlier than the due date. If you do it on the date that the payment is due, the money may not get reflected until two days later, which could put you into trouble.

But what are the cutoff times when making Ezaga transfers? From Monday to Friday, you should make your transfer before 1400hrs for it to be processed according to the timeline that we outlined above. On Saturday, the cutoff time is 1000hrs. Transfers made on Sunday are treated as if they were made on Monday.


In this article, we gave you the answer to the question how long does an Ezaga transfer to Capitec take. We noted that it takes up to 2 days for money to reflect in the receiving account. You need to be aware of this to ensure that you make your payments earlier than they are due.

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  1. My money doesn’t reflect on my account. EFT transfer is made in my capitec on 02/02/2024 around 15:54

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