How to Transfer Money from Ezaga to Bank Account

Do you wish to learn how to transfer money from Ezaga to your bank account? Ezaga has made it easy and faster for students to get their National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) payments. Once money has been deposited into your Ezaga account, you can withdraw it using the NSFAS MasterCard. Because it’s a MasterCard, withdrawal can be from any ATM bearing the MasterCard Logo. However, you are here because you wish to transfer eZaga money to a bank account via EFT? How do you do that?

How to transfer money from Ezaga to Capitec, FNB, Standard Bank, Tyme Bank or Nedbank

The following is how to transfer money from Ezaga to your bank account;

  1. Open the eZaga app and sign in. If you do not already have the app, you can download it from the Google Play store or from the Apple App store.
  2. Once logged into the app, click on Pay Recipient on your home page.
  3. Tap the magnifying glass on Select beneficiary.
  4. Choose Send to New Beneficiary.
  5. Add your new beneficiary. That’s the person to whom you wish to make a transfer. You will have to type in their name, account number and other details.
  6. Save the new beneficiary and then go back to Select beneficiary. Choose the beneficiary that you have just added.
  7. Type in the amount that you wish to send.
  8. Confirm that the details are correct and send the money.

Can Ezaga money be transferred to any bank?

That’s how to transfer money from eZaga to a bank account. The good news is that these transfers are quite simple, once you have started using the app.

Ezaga is like any South African bank that’s out there. Another piece of good news is that transfers can be done to all major banks in the country.

As such, you can make a transfer from Ezaga to Capitec. You can also make a transfer from Ezaga to FNB or to any other bank of your choice.

Why would you want to transfer money?

We noted earlier on that the Ezaga card is a MasterCard card, meaning you can use it to withdraw money from most ATMs in South Africa. So, why would you wish to make an Ezaga EFT transfer?

This being South Africa, it’s not always safe to walk around with cash. It’s better to make your transfers electronically. One scenario where you may wish to learn how to transfer money from eZaga to a bank account would be if you wish to make payment of your rent that way.

Perhaps you and your landlord have agreed that you will be making your payments via EFT. In that case, you can get your landlord’s details and you can add them to your beneficiaries list.

That makes it simple for you to make your transfers at the agreed to date of the month. So, this is a great way through which you can manage routine payments.


This post was dedicated to showing you how to transfer money from Ezaga to Capitec, FNB, Nedbank, Tyme Bank, Standard Bank, African Bank or any other bank that’s out there.

It was noted that you can do the transfer using the Ezaga app. It’s also possible to make your transfer by logging into the eZaga online portal. Once logged into either, it’s a simple matter of adding the person to whom you wish to transfer as a beneficiary. From there, you can make your transfer.

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  1. I transferred money into my account on Wednesday around 14:51
    It has not reflected and on the ezaga app there’s no transaction that shows that it was debited

  2. I transferred the money from ezaga account to my personal account It has been 4 days the money has not reflected on my personal account

  3. I’ve transferred money from ezaga app to my account yesterday and it has not reflected yet what could be the problem cause usually it reflects the same day😢

  4. I transferred money this morning to may ABSA account it hasn’t reflected I hope I won’t lose my money 😭

  5. I transferred money from my ezag to my absa account on Saturday today is Monday but it hasn’t reflected what can I do to get my money back?

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