FNB Non-Resident Account Opening Requirements for Foreigners

What are the requirements for opening a Non-Resident account with FNB? FNB is one of the most popular banks in South Africa. It’s not surprising, therefore, that a lot of foreign nationals look to this bank when seeking to open accounts. FNB is particularly popular for what is referred as the non resident account. This is open to foreign nationals both within and outside South Africa. But what do you need in order to open this account, and can you do so from outside South Africa?

What do foreigners need to open FNB an FNB nonresident account?

The following are the FNB non-resident account opening requirements for foreigners;

  1. Proof of income. This can be in the form of a current payslip. Your proof of income should be from outside South Africa.
  2. A copy of your passport. For those applying from within South Africa, a copy of the VISA on your passport is also required.
  3. A bank statement going back 3 months. This should be from a non-South African bank.
  4. Proof of address from your home country. This should be no more than 3 months old and can be a utility bill or a lease statement.

What can you do with an FNB non-resident account

Those are the FNB non-resident account opening requirements for foreigners. This is a popular account, as noted earlier. But what does it allow you to do?

The reason why this account is popular is that it allows you to transact both in and outside South Africa. It’s ideal for people who often visit the country.

You can use it for making and getting local and international transfers. In short, this account can be used in almost the same way as a resident account. It’s the reason why so many people are looking to open it.

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In this article we showed you the FNB non-resident account opening requirements for foreigners. It was note that this account is popular among foreign nationals who regularly visit or conduct business in South Africa. If you are one of them, you may want to have this account, which allows you to transact both within and outside the country.

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  1. Could you please inform me whether I can open a non-resident bankaccount for foreigners from outside South-Africa, or is a physical presence and signature at an FNB bank branch required?

    Thank you for your early reply.

    1. Hmmm, from what we have been able to learn, it’s possible even if you are not in the country. But you may wish to get in touch with FNB directly for help. Send them a message on social media (twitter or Facebook) and they will be able to help you

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