Ebay Shipping Time to South Africa

A lot of people in South Africa have been looking to buy things off eBay. If you are one of them, the good news is that there is no end to the number of things that you can buy on the site. Ebay is a direct competitor for the local Takealot. Sellers in China, the US and across the globe use eBay to find customers. One thing that you may be wondering about is the Ebay shipping time to South Africa. How long will you need to wait before your parcel gets delivered?

How long does it take for eBay to deliver a parcel to South Africa?

The eBay shipping time to South Africa is between 3 weeks and 2 months. In most instances, parcels get delivered well over a month after a purchase is made. However, if you choose a faster shipping method, your parcel will be delivered earlier.

What factors determine shipping times on eBay

That is the eBay shipping time to South Africa. It can take a long time for your parcel to arrive. In any case, it’s way better to first determine that the item that you wish to buy cannot be found on Takealot or any some other local platform. If that is the case, and if you can afford to wait then you should buy your stuff off eBay. Often, it is rather cheap to do so. But what factors determine shipping times?

  • Shipping method used by the seller: This has a huge bearing on when you can expect your parcel to arrive in South Africa. Let’s say your parcel is being shipped from China. The most popular shipping method is Free Standard International Shipping. With this option, it may take months for your parcel to arrive, depending on other factors. However, some shippers offer faster shipping methods such as DHL. These cost more, but you can expect your parcel to arrive within a matter of a few days.
  • Location: The location from which an item is being shipped also has a bearing on overall delivery times. Most items that are sold on eBay ship from China. There are also United States and United Kingdom sellers. You will discover that if someone in the US buys an item from a seller in the same country, it will take only a few days for it to be delivered. Similarly, if you buy from a South African seller, delivery times will be shorter for you in South Africa.
  • Time before shipping: In some cases, it can take a few days for a seller to ship your item. That adds to the delivery times. Maybe they do not have the item in stock and they need to order it from somewhere else. In that case, that will prolong the time before you can get what you have ordered.
  • Delays at the local post office: The South African post office service does not have the best of reputations. In the event that they are the ones who will handle your parcel in the country upon its arrival, they may take a couple of days or even weeks before delivery is made to you. Again, that adds to overall shipping times.

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A final word

In this article, we focused on the eBay shipping time to South Africa. A lot of South Africans have been buying stuff off eBay. Most of these items are shipped from China. Regarding shipping times, it can take up to 2 months for an item to arrive in the country. It depends on the location of the seller and on other factors. As an example, shipping from the UK tends to be faster than from China.

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