Does Standard Bank Instant Money Expire?

Does Standard Bank Instant Money expire? It’s something that many people have been asking. Standard Bank’s Instant Money is a money transfer service that works even for people who do not have bank account. All that you need to get money is a mobile phone. Money is then sent to that number. You can also register to get an Instant Money Wallet. But once you have sent money to someone, does that money expire? Is there a timeframe by which you need to have collected your money?

How long does Standard Bank Instant Money last?

Standard Bank Instant Money expires after 3 years. This applies for the Instant Money voucher that you get when someone sends you money. It also applies for the PIN that is used to withdraw the money. So, you have that long before you can start worrying about losing your money.

Do you need 3 years to collect your money?

That’s the answer to the question “does Standard Bank Instant Money expire.” This money is usually send out to people in cases of emergency. It’s unlikely that anyone is going to go three years without collecting the money that is send out to them.

So, you probably don’t have to worry about losing your money. In most instances, Instant Money is collected the same day that it is send out. However, if you are busy, you don’t have to worry because you have 3 whole years in which to collect the money.

Here is where to collect Standard Bank Instant Money


In this article, we answered the question, does Standard Bank Instant Money expire. We noted that this money will only expire after 3 years, so you have more than enough time in which to collect it.

The above question is usually asked by people who have just been sent money. They start worrying that if they do not collect it quickly, it will expire. However that is not the case.

You have a lot of time in which to get your money. Standard Bank’s Instant Money has revolutionized the way in which people send money across the country. It’s a version of mobile money, allowing people to send and keep money on their mobile devices.

We noted in this post that it works even for people who do not have Standard Bank accounts. The only requirement is that you need to have a phone number. That’s not an issue considering that 99.7% of South Africans have them.

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