Capfin Loan WhatsApp Number

What is the Capfin loan WhatsApp number? It’s a question that many people in South Africa have been asking. Capfin is well known for providing affordable short term loans of up to R50000. Their terms are fairly favorable, which is the reason why many people turn to them in times of need. You are here because you wish to contact the company via WhatsApp. What is the number to use in this regard?

WhatsApp number for Capfin loans

The Capfin loan WhatsApp number is 066 000 0683. You need to save this number on your phone. Once that is done, you can then send them a message on the number.

What can you use this number for?

That is the Capfin loan WhatsApp number. You are here either because you are already a customer looking for more details about your loan.

Or maybe you are a prospective customer looking to apply for a loan. You have a number of options in this regard, including the WhatsApp number outlined above.

Use the number and there will be a customer care agent on standby throughout the day to assist you. He or she will answer all your questions.

Capfin USSD for existing customers

Other ways of getting in touch

The Capfin loan WhatsApp number is but one way through which you can get in touch with the company. There are plenty of other ways through which you can achieve your goal.

You can learn more in our Capfin loan contact number article. We also have an article in which we gave the company’s fax number.

Capfin can also be contact on social media sites such as Twitter on Facebook. One advantage of chatting with them there is that you get to retain a copy of the conversation. That can come in handy for easy future reference.


In this article we showed you the Capfin WhatsApp number. It was noted that you can use this number to get in touch with the company, either to apply for a loan or to get information regarding an existing loan.

It’s not surprising that a lot of people are look to get in touch with Capfin. WhatsApp is the most popular social media network in South Africa. Over 90% of people who use the internet also use WhatsApp. It’s cheap to hold a conversation this way, hence the popular.


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