Bestmed Pregnancy Waiting Period

What is the Bestmed pregnancy waiting period? How long do you need to wait before you can get maternity care after joining Bestmed? It’s a question that expecting mothers or those planning to have babies often ask. The answer is a little complex, but we will show you what to expect here. Bestmed is one of the leading medical aid companies in South Africa. They cover a wide range of conditions, including pregnancy. But do you get cover immediately after joining?

Maternity waiting period for Bestmed in South Africa

The Bestmed pregnancy waiting period is 10 months. They will not cover your pregnancy if you are already pregnant when you join. However, they will cover care for your baby the moment that it gets born.

Why won’t they cover preexisting pregnancies?

That’s the Bestmed pregnancy waiting period. We have noted that they will not cover preexisting pregnancies. But why is that the case?

The reasons for this are at the core of medical aid waiting periods in general. They are there to protect members from fraud.

Otherwise, there are some people out there who would only join when they need treatment. After getting treated, they would then leave. That’s not a viable way through which medical insurance can be run.

Should that be allowed, then most medical aid companies would go bankrupt. Another thing to note is that pregnancy can be very expensive. In fact, costs can rise to over R60000. In that case, allowing cover for someone who is already pregnancy would lead to higher premiums for preexisting customers.


In this post, we gave you the Bestmed pregnancy waiting period. It was noted that there are waiting periods on medical aid schemes to protect members. These waiting periods tend to be longer for maternity related care. That’s because pregnancy can be expensive. Check out the pregnancy waiting period for Gems. You will see that it is longer than the general 3 months waiting period for other conditions.

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