Absa Clearing Code South Africa

What is the clearing code for Absa South Africa? Clearing codes are used to identify different banks. They work along the lines of Swift codes. There are thousands of banks around the world and tens in South Africa. Clearing codes are part of how they are distinguished from each other. Clearing codes are needed when receiving money from abroad. In most instances, you will not be asked for a clearing code. But Absa advises that you provide people sending you money from outside South Africa with both the Swift and clearing code.

What is the Absa clearing code?

The Absa clearing code is 632005. Provide this to whoever is sending you money from outside South Africa. You also need to give them the Absa South Africa Swift code.

What else do you need to receive money from outside South Africa?

That’s the Absa South Africa clearing code. We noted that this code is required when receiving money from abroad. But what else do you need to give to people who are sending you money? The following is information that you need to make any such transaction successful;

  • The receiving account number.
  • The address of the beneficiary.
  • The beneficiary’s name


A lot of South Africans get money from abroad. The Covid 19 pandemic meant people had to adapt, with many now working online for companies that are in other countries. A lot of people have also been leaving South Africa.

There are better job opportunities out there, and many are moving to Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other countries. All these people need to paid and most send money back home. There are many ways of receiving this money. You can get if via Paypal or you can get it via wire transfer. Learn how to link Paypal to your Absa account.

If money is going to be send to your via Wire Transfer, the sender will need a number of details from you. They will require your account number and Absa clearing code. They will also need the bank’s swift code. All this information has been provided on this site.

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