Old Mutual to FNB Transfer Time

Old Mutual has a banking arm that has been growing over the past few years. The attraction for South Africans are affordable monthly fees. If you wish, you can open the Old Mutual Money account, and it will cost you only R4.95 per month to maintain the account. Of course, you may find other offerings that are free with other banks, but none comes close to Old Mutual when it comes to the services that you get. You have landed on this article because you wish to learn the Old Mutual to FNB transfer time.

How long does it take to transfer money via EFT from Old Mutual to FNB?

The Old Mutual to FNB transfer time is 2 days. If you have made your EFT transfer late on Friday or over the weekend, you may have to wait up to 3 days before the money arrives. That’s because there are delays when it comes to transfers over weekends. This applies for every bank in South Africa.

Is there a way of speeding up the transfer?

In most instances, when you make an EFT transfer, you wish to have your money delivered at the destination account as fast as is possible. That only makes sense.

Imagine you are making a payment. Or maybe someone is making a payment to you. It would be rather troublesome to have to wait several days before you receive your money?

So, is there a way through which you can speed up the transfer process? The good news is that you can have faster transfer times by using something that is referred as the Old Mutual Immediate Payment.

With this option, you pay to have money transferred almost instantly. Almost instantly because whatever the bank that you may be using, Instant or immediate payments are not instant. It can take up to a couple of hours for money to arrive at the destination account.

However, that is still better than having to wait days. We noted above that you pay for Immediate payments. So, how much are you expected to pay? We have an article that covers just that. Feel free to refer to it for more.

You need to be patient

Each day we get messages from people who are anxiously waiting for their money to be delivered. In this article, we focused on the Old Mutual to FNB transfer time. Note that we get questions from people using all banks regarding their transfers.

In most instances, it’s better to make an immediate payment to ensure that your money arrives at the destination account faster. The amount that you pay for the privileged is not that much. It sure beats having to wait days for your money to be delivered.

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