Old Mutual Money Account Monthly Fee

How much are you charged per month when you maintain an Old Mutual Money Account? It’s a question that a lot of people in South Africa have been asking. Old Mutual is best known as the second biggest insurer in the country. However, the company has been making a foray into banking. It was recently reported that Old Mutual now has a banking license. So, we are likely to see it’s presence growing even stronger in this regard. But what is the Old Mutual Money Account monthly fee?

How much per month to maintain an Old Mutual bank account?

The monthly fee when you maintain an account with Old Mutual is R4.95. That’s affordable for most people in the country and compares well with charges by other banks.

Is there a free account?

With other banks in South Africa, you get accounts where the monthly fee is zero. That’s what most people are looking for?

How to an Old Mutual immediate payment

One challenge in this regard is that some of these accounts are severely restricted. If you wish to have an account that offers the best in terms of service, you will need to pay more.

The good thing about the Old Mutual Money Account is that the account is a fully functional one and it does not have limitations. So, at R4.95 per month, it’s pretty affordable.

Where to go to open an account

In the above section, we highlighted the Old Mutual Money Account monthly fee. If you now want to open an account, you may be wondering where to go from here.

It’s something on which we have already focused on this blog. You can check out our article on how to open an Old Mutual bank account.

Note that the options that are open to you are online and instore. Old Mutual has a number of banking halls dotted around the country and you can visit these to get help.

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