Nedbank to Standard Bank Transfer Time

What is the Nedbank to Standard Bank transfer time? That’s something that you will be asking yourself if you wish to initiate an EFT from Nedbank to Standard Bank. The two banks are some of the biggest in the country. In fact, Standard Bank is the largest in terms of capitalization. Meanwhile, Nedbank is a big player on the South African banking scene. It’s not surprising, therefore, that a lot of transfers are happening between the two entities.

How long does it take to transfer money from Nedbank to Standard Bank?

The Nedbank to Standard Bank transfer time is between 2 and 3 days. It means you are going to need to be patient when moving money between the two banks. In facts, that’s how long it takes to transfer money from any one South African bank to the other via EFT.

Is there a quicker way of doing this?

That’s the Nedbank to Standard Bank transfer time. You need up to 3 days for your transfer to get through. It can happen quicker, but in general, that’s the time that you need to be patient for before you can start to worry.

In most instances, you will be looking to make a quicker transfer to Standard Bank from Nedbank. Most people are looking for transfers that happen there and then. Is that even possible? The answer is yes, there are steps that you can take to hasten transfer of your money between Nedbank and Standard Bank.

When transferring money, you need to choose the Nedbank instant payment option. We have previously talked about the cost of this option. Instant payments are great because you won’t have to wait long for money to reach its destination.

You do have to pay a small fee however as part of the process. Usually, the fee is small enough as to justify the expense. It brings the convenience that your transactions will get through almost immediately. Immediate payments can take up to an hour to transfer.


In this article, we gave you the Nedbank to Standard Bank transfer time. We noted that you need between 2 and 3 days for money to move from Nedbank to Standard Bank via EFT. However, if you are looking for quicker transfers, you can get them using immediate payments.

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  1. I recieved a payment this morning, from Nedbank to Standard bank. When can I expect the money?. How do I know if proof of payment is legitimate?

  2. Wat Standard bank so baie aftrekkings as Netbank geld in betaal in Standerdbank byvoorbeeld 4150 en jy kry 3200

  3. A client did immediate payment from standard bank to Nedbank but I did not receive any payment has yet the client sent me proof of payment but on the standard bank proof of payment does not say immediate payment was done.please help explain.

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