Legal Wise Waiting Period

What is the Legal Wise waiting period? It’s a question that people looking to join the company will be asking themselves. Legal Wise is one of the biggest providers of legal insurance in South Africa. It’s something that can come in handy in the event that you have fallen into legal troubles. Not many people in South Africa will be able to afford the cost of a lawyer out of pocket. If you have insurance, you can rest easy knowing that you will be covered in most instances. But how much do you have to wait before you can claim from Legal Wise?

How long before you can claim for Legal Wise?

The waiting period for Legal Wise is three months. Before this period has elapsed, you will not get any cover from the company. Also note that Legal Wise has some exclusions. These are types of cases that the company will not cover. You can find them listed below.

Legal Wise exclusions

That’s the Legal Wise waiting period. Unfortunately, there are some conditions that Legal Wise will not cover, even after the waiting period. You need to be aware of this before joining.

  • Business related issues.
  • Marriage, divorce, maintenance, custody.
  • Claims of defamation by you
  • Class actions.
  • Disputes of less than R5000.
  • Political, social or environmental issues.
  • Cases where you can pay a fine without being convicted.
  • Matters that arose before you joined Legal Wise.
  • Any matter before the end of the 3 months waiting period.

Why does Legal Wise have a waiting period?

In this post, we showed you the amount of time that you need to wait before you can claim from Legal Wise in South Africa. But why does the company have a waiting period in the first place?

It’s a common feature for all insurance companies. Having waiting periods is meant to protect companies and their clients. Otherwise premium would be pretty much unaffordable.

Imagine a situation where you have people simply joining an insurance company when they need help? After this, they would leave. It would be an unworkable situation.

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In this post, we gave you the Legal Wise waiting period. It was noted that the waiting period for the company is 90 days. That’s a typical waiting period for most insurance companies. Before this time has elapsed, you will not be able to claim. The waiting period is there to protect insurance companies and their customers from fraud.

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