How to Unlock Capitec Fixed Account

Capitec has grown over the past few years to become the biggest bank in South Africa. They currently have over 21 million customers, which is far ahead of second placed Standard Bank. Standard Bank may be bigger in terms of capitalization, but it’s Capitec which takes the crown when it comes to customer numbers. One of the products that you get from Capitec is the fixed deposit account. You are here because you wish to unlock money in this account. How do you do it?

Steps to unfix a Capitec fixed account

The following is how to unlock a Capitec fixed deposit account;

  1. At the moment, the only way through which to unfix your Capitec fixed deposit account is by visiting your nearest ATM.
  2. That only works for amounts below R10000.
  3. Once there, you can transfer money from the fixed account to your Savings account
  4. You will be charged a small fee for the service
  5. If money in the account is over R10000, you can call 0860102043 for help. Alternatively, you may visit your nearest Capitec branch for assistance.

Can you unlock your fixed account on the Capitec app?

It’s currently not possible for you to unlock your Capitec fixed account on the bank’s app. If you wish to do it, you will have to head over to a nearby ATM or to a nearby branch.

We have already noted that you will be charged a small unfixing fee. What you will essentially be doing is transferring money from the fixed account to your Savings account.

Capitec has previously promised that the feature to unlock fixed accounts will be made available on the app in the early parts of 2024. However, that feature is still not there on the app.

Why unlock your money?

Fixed deposit accounts are a good way of saving money towards a particular goal. With Capitec, you can have an account where you make a single fixed deposit, or one where you make fixed deposits at regular intervals.

Perhaps you will be depositing R5000 into the account every month. So, why would you unlock money that is in your fixed deposit account. Most people do it in times of emergencies. Perhaps there is something that has come up where you need money.

The good news is that you are not disallowed from getting your money before the set date. You can withdraw it at any time. The only thing is that it will attract a small penalty.


In this post, we showed you the steps to unfix a Capitec fixed deposit account. It was noted that this is something that you may wish to do in times of emergency. Withdrawing money before the due date attracts a small penalty that you don’t have to worry about.

Capitec fixed deposit account

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