How to Change Limits on your Discovery Credit Card

Do you wish to find out how to change the limits on your Discovery credit card. Discovery is one of the most diversified financial institutions in South Africa. They offer products including health and insurance. Like all the other banks in the country, Discovery places daily, weekly and monthly limits on transactions.

What it means is that you won’t be able to withdraw money from an ATM beyond a certain amount per day. Limits can also apply when it comes to making POS payments. They also apply for online purchases. The disadvantage of limits is that they may stop you from making the purchases that you wish to make.

Steps to increase limits on your Discovery credit card

The following is how to change limits on your Discovery credit card;

  1. Open the Discovery bank app.
  2. On your Dashboard, click on More.
  3. Next, click on Single credit facility.
  4. Go to Increase.
  5. Change the limit to your preferred amount.
  6. Complete all the other steps.

Why do you have limits

That’s how to change limits on your Discovery bank credit card. But why do banks impose limits on transactions. It’s something that’s done for security reasons. Limiting the amount of money that can be withdrawn per day reduces the chances that you will lose all your money.

Let’s assume that someone has stolen your card. In that case, you will only lose an amount that’s equal to the daily limit. And if you have enabled SMS notifications, you will be notified that money has been withdrawn from your account.

From there, it will be a simple matter of blocking your Discovery card. So, limits are there to protect you. They can also be a useful measure to minimize your spending. They ensure that you don’t go wild buying this and that.

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In this article, we showed you how to increase limits on your Discovery credit card. It was noted that limits are a security measure. They enable you to reduce the risk of loss in case you lose your card. However, you may wish to increase your limit if you want to buy something big. The good thing is that you can do so quickly and easily from your Discovery bank app.

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