How to Add Beneficiary on Nedbank App

Do you wish to learn how to add a beneficiary on your Nedbank app? The Nedbank app brings convenience to customers across South Africa. It allows you to carry out a wide range of transactions using your phone. That’s almost eliminates the need to travel to your nearest Nedbank branch to get your issues sorted out. If you have people to whom you wish to transfer money, or business to whom you make regular payments, it pays to add them as beneficiaries.

Add beneficiary on Nedbank Money app

The following is how to add a beneficiary on the Nedbank Money app;

  1. Log into the Nedbank Money app on your phone or tablet.
  2. In your Dashboard, click on Recipient.
  3. Click on the Add recipient icon to the top right (in front of the search bar).
  4. Enter the beneficiary’s details.
  5. When done, click on Add.
  6. Log out of the app.

Why it’s important to add beneficiaries

That’s how to add a beneficiary on the Nedbank money app. It’s a very simple process. You can also add a beneficiary using online banking on Nedbank. But why is it important to add beneficiaries?

It mostly has to do with being able to quickly make recurring payments. If there is a person or company to whom you make regular payments, having their details on your account saves time.

Instead of having to fill in every detail all the time, you can simply add them to your account as a beneficiary. The next time that you wish to make a payment, you will not need to add that person’s details. You will simply need to pick the contact from your already added beneficiaries.


This article is dedicated to showing you how to add a beneficiary on the Nedbank app in South Africa. It was revealed that there is need to do to make it easy to carry out various transactions. Adding a beneficiary to your account makes it easy to quickly make your payments.

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