How to Activate FNB Card for International Travel

Do you wish to learn how to activate your FNB card for international travel? Before visiting other countries, it’s important that you inform FNB. Otherwise transactions that you make will be flagged and your card will be blocked. You will then be required to verify your identity to reenable your card. But how do you activate your FNB credit and debit card for international use?

Activate FNB card for international use

The following is how to activate your FNB debit and credit card for international use;

  1. You can inform FNB that you will be travelling abroad via the app.
  2. Another option is to reach out to FNB via their Secure Chat. This is available on the FNB app.
  3. It’s also possible to activate your FNB card for international travel by visiting your nearest bank branch.

Why you need to inform FNB

That’s how to activate your FNB card for international travel. You need to inform them that you will be travelling to another country. But why is this important?

According to them, this is done to guide against fraud. Should they notice something untoward happening, they will quickly block your card.

Where can I use my FNB card

Internationally, the FNB card can be used at any outlet that accepts Visa and MasterCard cards. What this means is that you can use the card in almost any country. That’s because Visa and MasterCard are in widespread use across the globe.


In this article, we showed you how to activate your FNB card for international travel. Another option is that you can get a prepaid card from FNB. This is referred to as the FNB cash passport.

Prepaid cards are great in that they contain a limited amount of money. As an example, you can load R20000 into your card. You can load the amount in the currency of the country where you will be going.

The FNB cash passport is available in 7 currencies. Available currencies are the USD, the British Pound, Europe, Australian Dollars, UAE Dirhams, Canadian Dollars and New Zealand Dollars.

The great thing about the Cash Passport is that it is not linked to your bank account, meaning there is no danger of you losing all your savings should you fall victims to fraud.

Here is how to change your FNB card PIN


  1. I used to rather buy air tickets internationally and used my FNB debit card abroad without any problem
    But after few weeks,i received a warning message on my FNB App that i will be no longer do transaction internationally because i reached my limit that i ignore until now
    Now i am stuck abroad without any cash

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