FNB to Capitec Transfer Time

FNB and Capitec are two of the biggest banks in South Africa. Between them, they hold over 30 million accounts. Capitec is the biggest, with over 21 million clients. When transferring money between the two banks, people often wonder how long it’s going to take for it to arrive at the destination account. Waiting can be an anxious period, particular if you are paying for a product or service. So, what is the FNB to Capitec transfer time?

How long does it take to transfer money from FNB to Capitec?

The FNB to Capitec transfer time is between 2 and 3 days. In most instances, you will get your money within 48 hours. However, in the event that the transfer was made towards on over the weekend, the waiting time may be longer.

You can use the instant payment option for faster EFT transfer times

Each day in South Africa, tens of thousands of EFT transfers are processed. A lot of these relate to business. Perhaps there is something that you wish to buy.

Or maybe you are the business owner selling goods and services to people. In both cases, it’s important for money to be transferred as quickly as is possible.

Unfortunately, it can take a couple of days for EFTs from FNB to arrive at a Capitec account. Most people cannot afford to wait that long.

So, what can you do to ensure that the money that is being transferred arrives quicker. The solution is to do what is referred to as an instant EFT.

Basically, you pay to have your money transferred at a faster pace. The amount that you pay depends on the bank. In this article, we give the FNB instant payment fee.

As you can see, it’s not too much money. One thing to note is that instant payments are not instant. That’s not just for FNB.

With whatever bank in South Africa, instant payments can take between several minutes to several hours. So, you need to be patient in this regard. The money will arrive that day, but probably not immediately.


A lot of transfers happen across South Africa every day. With more and more of the population getting banked, that’s not really surprising. Most people prefer to have their money delivered instantly. However, that’s will not happen if you opt for a normal EFT transfer.

To expedite the delivery of your money, you need to do what is referred to as an instant payment. For that, you are required to pay a small fee, after which money will reach the destination account after a couple of minutes or a couple of hours.

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