Capitec Branch Code Pietermaritzburg

What is the Capitec branch code for Pietermaritzburg? It’s a question that you will be asking yourself if you wish to send money to someone in the city, or if you are an account holder looking to carry out some transactions. We have previously written on the Capitec universal branch code. In this article, we will give you the code that is specific for the bank’s branch in Pietermaritzburg.

Pietermaritzburg Capitec branch code

The Capitec branch code for Pietermaritzburg is 470010. This is also the universal code for all Capitec branches across South Africa. With Capitec, you don’t have to worry about individual codes for each branch. Just use the universal branch code and money will be transferred to the right place.

What is a branch code?

That is the Capitec branch code Pietermaritzburg. You may be wondering what a branch code is and why it is important.

Banks across the world have codes that uniquely identify them and that uniquely distinguish them from others.

As an example, Capitec has over 860 branches across the country. How then does money reach the correct account in the correct branch from, say, another bank?

This is where Branch codes come into play. A branch code uniquely identifies an individual branch. It means transactions are always directed to and from the right place.

Universal branch codes

Branch codes can be rather confusing. We have already noted that Capitec has over 800 branches. Imagine having to remember most or just a few of them. That can be a nightmare.

This is where Universal Branch codes come into play. In South Africa, every bank has a universal Branch code. This can be used instead of individual branch codes.

With them, your money will still be directed to the right place. You don’t need to worry about your money getting lost.

Reverse Capitec money transfer


In this article we gave you the Capitec branch code for Pietermaritzburg. It was noted that branch codes are meant to distinguish individual bank branches. That can come in handy where a bank have hundreds or thousands of branches. With Capitec, you get a universal branch code, which can be used whatever the branch to which you are sending money.

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